Meet the Netogy Nova 4K UHD, South Africa’s newest TV streaming box


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South Africans really dig streaming boxes, huh? Well then, they’ll really like this one. The Netogy Nova 4K UHD streaming box has just hit South African shelves. It wants to be the very best where streaming devices are concerned. Like no one ever was. And it has a long road ahead of it – beating the Xiaomi Mi Box S is its real test. Entertaining? That’s just its cause.


Trying to be #1

So, what is Netogy’s strategy to become the best Pokémon trainer streaming box? For one, the Nova box comes standard with Android TV11 installed, and 16GB of storage space to play around with. Next to that, we’re working with a 64-bit CPU, to keep everything running smoother than butter.


“The Nova connects you to a world of information and gives you an easier way to enjoy all the entertainment you love, whether streaming from your favourite apps, listening to music, or playing games,” says Grant Robertson, product manager at Nology.


The Netogy Nova is one of the first streaming boxes out there to support the new AV1 video codec – which essentially saves 30% on bandwidth while retaining the same quality. That alone is almost worth upgrading your TV Box, though it may be smarter to get some early reactions before rushing to the store.


And if you’re looking for those crisp, sharp edges, then that’s what you’ll be getting with the Nova. The Nova offers streaming in HDR10+, which is just *chef’s kiss*.


Perhaps one of the most useful features is a built-in Chromecast. We don’t need to explain that one, right? Okay, fine — you can use an Android device to cast from a mobile phone directly to your TV, via the Nova. It does a few other interesting things too, mostly with Google’s YouTube service.


The remote control also has voice recognition. It’s possible to connect the Nova to the rest of your house’s Google Assistant tech, and control it with your voice. This makes searching generally easier. It definitely beats typing out The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window on Netflix.


Lastly, before you ask – it runs Disney+, which has been a slight issue for South African lately. If there are issues, you can probably blame Disney’s Hotstar developers.



OK Google, tell me the price of the Nova and how to get one


For now, the Netogy Nova is only available on Takealot, though it won’t stay like that for long. In time, the Nova will be available at Makro, Incredible Connection, Everyshop, and HiFi Corp. On Takealot, expect a price point of R1,400 – only R100 more than Xiaomi’s Mi Box S. Pricing should be similar once it reaches other retailers’ shelves.


We’ll have a review of the Netogy Nova 4K streaming box up in a little while, so stick around.