Emergency uninterruptible power supply

High-output power (30W)

High-capacity (13200mAh) Lithium-ion battery

Provides backup power between *4 to 10 hours

Includes Y-Cable to connect to 2 devices


With a total output power capacity of 30W, it is more than capable to power and run your Fibre ONT and Wi-Fi Router.
It provides backup power between 4 to 10 hours, depending on the number of devices connected.

Ports & LED Indicators


The Netogy UPS30 is an uninterruptible power source that supplies continuous
power to network devices like modems and routers (12V DC) making it the perfect
device to keep you online during load shedding or power outages.

Suitable For


Fibre ONT

   *Ensure that the device(s) you want to connect is 12V DC.


The UPS30 offers a stable operating voltage and should the main power input voltage drop out of range, the UPS30 will automatically
switch to battery mode to prevent damage and ensure uninterrupted and stable power to the connected electronic devices.

Application Loads

   *Use your router’s original 12V DC up to 2.5 Amp power adapter.

Package Contents

1 x UPS30
1 x Y-Cable
1 x User Manual

Easy Setup

STEP 1: Connect the UPS30 to an electrical
outlet with a 12V DC 2.5A *power adapter.

STEP 2: Connect your device(s) to the
UPS30 with the provided cable.

Where to Buy

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